Our Remodeling Process [How It Works]

At Artiman Inc, we are your number-one choice for all home remodeling services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We deliver customized kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling projects at affordable rates.

Here is a breakdown of our seamless remodeling process;

Step 1) Get A Free Estimate 

Once you have identified the kind of home renovation project that you want to undertake, the first step to do is to contact our in-house professional remodeling consultants for a free remodeling project estimate.

You will be assigned a dedicated home remodeling project coordinator who will get in touch with you to understand your home remodeling project goals. You will then receive a customized scope of work with a crystal clear affordable budget.

We shall then discuss your preferred remodeling project timeline so that our seasoned professionals can commit to effectively managing the renovations to meet the set project completion deadline.

Living room project with Artiman
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Step 2) Select Your Preferred Construction Materials

Our experienced project coordinator will help you pick the required fixtures and finishes from our extensive catalog.

A member of our remodeling team will make physical a site visit to take the actual measurement of your space and help you finalize your scope of work and list of materials required to complete the project.

Review our customized remodeling project proposal to ensure it meets your remodeling budget. We are guided by a transparent pricing model with no hidden costs to ensure we don’t go beyond our client’s budget.

Step 3) Review And Confirm Your Design

We have a wide range of predesigned professional templates in our design catalog that you can choose from. Alternatively, our team of professional designers can help you customize a remodel design that brings out the best of your dream home while staying within your renovations budget.

Our 3D lender software enables our clients to instantly visualize how their future space will look once remodeling is complete based on the type of materials and measurements selected. With a perfect design in place, finalize the list of fixtures and finishes so that we can schedule a delivery.

Modern style Artiman
Living room artiman

Step 4) Delivery Of Your Fixtures And Finishes

We have reliable suppliers of fixtures and finishes who are ready to deliver your materials to your doorstep at a discounted rate. Our team inspects all the materials to ensure that you get quality materials that are void of any defects.

All materials and fixtures are delivered on time to ensure the set remodeling project timeline schedule is adhered to. Our remodeling professionals value time and efficiency.

Step 5) Let The Experts Get The Job Done

All our remodeling projects are 100% executed by our in-house team of seasoned home remodeling experts. Quality design is our top priority and we ensure we deliver outstanding remodel designs that exceed our client’s expectations.

All our remodeling projects are delivered on schedule and within the set budget. All our clients get an opportunity to perform a quality assurance inspection on our newly remodeled spaces to ensure they are satisfied with the final delivery.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with Artiman remodeling experts and let us breathe new life into your old-fashioned living spaces.


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