Basement Renovation

Are you looking for ideas on how to increase living and storage space in your Toronto home? One of the easiest strategies is revamping your old-fashioned and shabby house basement. At Artiman, we are experts in basement renovations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our in-house team of professional designers and home builders will transform your dull-looking basement into a magnificent living or storage space.

Our basement renovations and finishing services are customized to fit the needs of every Toronto homeowner. Whether your goal is to increase your home value, create additional storage space, or if you just want to have an additional functional livable space within your current home, you can count on Group of Artiman for high-quality basement renovation works.

All our in-house team of basement renovation contractors are highly trained and licensed to handle all basement renovation works with unmatched craftsmanship in strict compliance with the existing building codes and renovation procedures. At Artiman, we take pride in providing all our basement renovation clients with the latest basement remodeling designs to make their basements stand out with increased expediency.

Basement renovation services options

At Group of Artiman, we offer customized basement renovation services to homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The most popular basement renovations and design elements that our clients request include; a personalized gym, extra family living/bedroom, face-lifting fireplaces, home theater, entertainment areas, basement laundry areas, basement
waterproofing, upgrading insulation, adding cabinetry, adding basement bathroom with sauna, subflooring, and creation of basement apartments.

Basement Renovation
Artiman Basement

Benefits of basement renovations in Toronto

a) Increase in home value- When you renovate your Toronto home basement, it automatically increases your home value. You will have a better life experience in your home when your basement is renovated.  When it comes to home selling, more buyers will be attracted to your home and it will sell faster at a premium price.

b) Extra storage space- If your current storage space in your Toronto home is limited, renovating your basement can be a great way of adding an extra storage facility. Forget about the hassle of storing your items in congested and dark areas. At Artiman, our experts will renovate your basement and add new cabinetry to make it up-to-date, inviting, and more spacious.

c) Better work/life balance- The concept of remote work is growing globally and many people are now working from home. Therefore, basement renovations can help you convert your dull basement into a home office or workshop.

d) Passive rental income- Basement renovations can help you generate extra passive income by remodeling your unfinished or unused basement and converting it into a fully functional basement apartment for renting out. At Artiman basement remodeling contractors, we can help in the selection and installation of all the amenities required to create a functional rental basement apartment.

Why work with Artiman basement renovation contractors?

At Artiman home remodeling contractors, we are the leading basement renovation experts in GTA.

·         We offer customized basement renovation services to fit the needs of every client

·         We guarantee high-quality craftsmanship for 100% customer satisfaction

·         All our contractors are properly trained and are well-versed in matters of basements renovations licensing and certifications.

·         At Artiman, we offer all our basement remodeling services at competitive prices

·         We have a dedicated and friendly customer service team that is ready to answer all your questions


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